ClinicaVeterinária da Lousã is the result of dedication to our pet friends and to a dream that was possible to come true and is a reality nowadays.

CVL is not only the materialization of a girl´s dream and a conscious life mission, but also a respectful homage to the story of the building that is also by itself regional cultural heritage.

We developed our efforts to get a skilled and committed multidisciplinary team possessing a thorough knowledge in all areas of medical veterinary specialities, having the main technical and technological resources to provide a service of excellence. We offer to our pet friends a professional medical personalized care, providing them the necessary comfort and well-being. The continuing education is one of the bets of CVL to raise our quality standards in the provided daily services.

In CVL we have a common denominator: providing a quality service to our patients and promoting a lasting and stable relationship with customers.

Count on us!

CVL – Your friend in good hands!