The construction of the building now occupied by CVL dates back from the beginning of the last century, when a young newly married missed her parents and her kitchen garden although she was living around 7 km far from them. However, by that time it was much more complicated to overcome distances with the aggravating circumstance of a steep access. In fact, it would be impossible not to miss such a piece of paradise – Tapada de Fiscal – where fresh permanent streams still keep green kitchen gardens and where the trees are inhabited by the sweet chirping of nightingales in the warm evenings, of blackbirds in spring, of goldfinches and greenfinches all the year round. Nearby, the green and protecting covering of Lousã mountain, lovingly watches the white and quiet houses in the middle of fertile pieces of land and generous crops. And even her loving husband and all his love were not enough to eradicate her nostalgia.


It was then that her parents-in-law, of wise and understanding heart, decided to sell their own house in a place called Rogela and where the young couple also lived. They gave their only son that money so that he could build a beloved house near her wife´s parents. In fact, they loved her as a real daughter. And while those extraordinary parents began living in a more modest house, a building consisting of ground floor and first floor was born in a place called Sarnadinha. It was sober, showy and airy, lofty, simple, but very beautiful, with strong  stonewalls and big windows opened in stone panels and schist stairs to accede the first floor and a yard surrounded by schist walls. This building was superb in that period reminding people of Pombal style and challenging the time. From there, it was possible to peep the paternal nest of its happy proprietary, her telluric roots and the so cared garden, supporting the kitchen along the year!


This house really enchanted its fortunate owner who used to refer it as a present from her “saint parents-in law”, in a very grateful and deeply felt veneration. On the ground floor, occupied today by the veterinarian offices I and II and waiting room, several meetings for the neighbours were organised, to celebrate friendship and meanwhile, there were sweet toccatas and sometimes even dancing, as the owner was a very extroverted man and by that time,  from the beginning of the 30s till the 50s, that habit was an interesting and even necessary strategy to animate the long winter nights and promoting sound friendship in the regions far away from big centres. However, the march of time is inexorable, generations will be succeeding and that building suffered two shares of stock. Little by little, it also lost its solidity from the beginning, having been unoccupied for almost two decades, for its new proprietors emigrated to the United States. Each winter made it more fragile, threatening to collapse. However, it went on resisting obstinately, as it knew its waiting future, full of love, achievements and deep dignifying of that past so full of ethical values.


Until one day…those emigrant proprietors decided to sell it and a granddaughter of the first proprietors bought that old house in ruins. She had been brought up there by her doting grandparents, she knew by heart each corner, each story lived there, in that particular bedroom, in the dining room, the corridor, the cellar…She had watched many barber services and even small medical treatments, as her grandfather was a barber and then, some barbers also did small medical treatments, specially in regions of difficult access, when the doctors themselves sent him in their place…She was affectively connected to those walls and she could not let such a treasure would leave  the family.


It was the beginning of 1998 and her only daughter was almost finishing the course of veterinarian. Consequently, the project of the recovery of the building for a veterinary clinic immediately began in her mind. Who knows if one day her daughter would not want to try to stay there? Anyway, it would always be an extremely beautiful building adaptable to other purposes…

And the whole recovery was led by that first idea of the clinic, and the contiguous facilities were expanded into a small back yard where some months before the beginning of the recovery a very old rose bush yanked itself. It had been planted by the first proprietor, grand grandfather of the present veterinarian that there…here…has been working in such e dedicating way. A stem of that rose bush went on offering the family its unique buds, of a humble short footstalk, but intensive perfume and a pink of an assumed tenderness. It is in this expanded part that we can find the radiology room, the chemists, the laboratory, the internment rooms and the garage, also serving as a warehouse. The remaining rooms, as the preparation room, the surgery room, the ultrasound and electrocardiography occupy what was the dwelling one day. Some mansards were added in order to take advantage from the attic where the library and the quarters of the veterinarian in service function. Besides, the initial design was respected in every detail: walls, ashlars, roof chapel eave and even a tile placed on the wall in October 1956, when the image of Fátima Virgin sojourned through Portugal, having passed in front of these walls. That tile is still intact, as a witness of those  happy proprietors´ faith who shaped their dream in the first quarter of the past century.

Clínica Veterinária da Lousã was inaugurated on the first December 2001, welcoming anyone who wished to visit the facilities, having immediately such an affluence that surpassed all the expectations once dreamed by the recent proprietor, as a demonstration of collective tenderness by such a project.

Finally, it was also a kind of faith founded on love that made this building remained in the family. And so, the present does homage to the past, giving a tribute of respect and dignifying to every moment that made the present existence possible. We can not fail to recall Álvaro de Campos, as like him, we reinforce in conviction and pride, that “the present is the past and the future”!